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Find us on Facebook and Twitter, request access to the NYU Sanctuary Facebook group,  or email to join the NYU Sanctuary email list.

Sign up for an Action Group:

Direct Action: Organize walk-outs, sit-ins, and other creative actions. Part of planning actions includes preparing chants, contacting potential speakers, locating space, mapping routes, and generating talking points and interest. This group also will stay up to date on campus events that may warrant a direct action response.

Research: Continue work on understanding the legal and symbolic and meaning of Sanctuary Department by collating legal resources; mapping NYU spaces; keeping tabs and sharing info on trainings, workshops, legal counsel availability; and national developments around Sanctuary; and work on a resource kit for other universities especially online resources to learn from our successfully campaign.

Education: Educate the broader NYU community about what we want and why we want it, through writing pamphlets, making posters, and writing immediate email responses to Hamilton’s letters. This group also will develop arguments and language to discuss sanctuary and also prepare students with fact sheets and arguments. This group also works with other action groups in order to distribute material.

Media & Publicity: Contacts media outlets for coverage on direct actions, coordinates social media, and works on op-eds.

Outreach: Contacts NYU groups and organizations, such as faith centers and academic departments to endorse our current letter Sanctuary Campus; coordinate with NYU’s global campuses; develop a networked communications plan; support Direct Action and Education by mobilizing different groups. This group also works on building a coalition beyond NYU by coordinating and networking with local and national nodes of resistance, particularly non-campus based organizations led by immigrants and people of color. This group also works closely with the New Sanctuary Coalition.

People Affected by the Entry Ban: Assess specific needs and formulate demands around them. This group is specifically for people who are directly affected by the ban, in whatever way. The entry ban affects our academic work, coursework, exams, fellowship requirements, teaching requirements and opportunities, fieldwork/research outside of the US, housing situation etc.

Also, if you are an NYU alumni, join Alumni for a Just NYU

This is an independent organization and committee within the Sanctuary Campus Working Group. We take direction from the overall working group in all regards related to establishing a sanctuary campus and will act as the focal point for alumni organizing efforts. We ultimately aspire to be a permanent structure that students can reach out to for solidarity for various campaigns. Our mission is to pressure NYU to become a democratically run university that is committed to upholding and promoting human rights in order to serve the best interest of the global NYU community and those impacted by NYU’s decisions.

Alumni for a Just NYU’s mission is to pressure NYU to become a democratically run organization that promotes human rights both in New York City and across the Globe, as a part of the responsibilities that come with being a Global Network University. We demand than NYU serves the best interest of those without whom it could not function, including students, faculty, campus workers, and the global workers like those who provide our food and apparel–not the Board of Trustee’s!