If you are concerned about your funding, housing or ability to do research as a DACAmented or unDACAmented graduate student? On the academic job market without work permit? Looking for housing, but have no US-guarantor? In need of funding but all funding is for US-citizens/permanent residents? Worried about visa extension? Finishing your MA or PhD and wondering who is going to sponsor your green card? Need teaching or practical experience but can’t work off-campus? Losing another job opportunity because OPT will take too long to be processed? A multi-year Post-Doc or Assistant professor and still on J1? Tired of being the precarious “diverse” face of the Global Network University?
Join us to discuss some collective strategies and demands on the University on Monday February 26th 3-5 Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies (255 Sullivan Street at Washington Square South). Co-Sponsored by GSOC, the NYU Sanctuary Coalition and the Kevorkian Center of Near Eastern Studies.