NYU AAUP on Privacy and Recording in NYU Zoom

Many faculty have expressed concerns about the recording functionality of NYU Zoom, especially as integrated with NYU Classes (i.e. our current Sakai LMS). Some faculty are choosing to refuse to record and instead making individual accommodations with students who require assistance. In her March 12 email, the Provost clarified that the administration does not have access to faculty NYU Zoom cloud recordings and, further, that such recordings as do exist belong to faculty, not the university. Whether or not these assurances are sufficient to induce you to begin recording, here are some additional things from NYU AAUP to know as we migrate our teaching online:

  1. Although cloud recording has been enabled by default, it is not automatic. You control whether it actually takes place in any one meeting. Cloud recording can also be disabled completely.
  2. You control what recordings actually look like, including whether they are audio-only and/or incorporate chats.
  3. Cloud recordings produced from meetings scheduled in NYU Classes are automatically shared with all class participants. This is a function of Zoom’s integration with NYU Classes and drastically limits your control of how and with whom recordings may be shared. Should you wish to employ cloud recording while retaining these controls, schedule meetings via the Zoom application or nyu.zoom.us, not NYU Classes.
  4. By default, cloud recordings are deleted after 120 days. You can, however, delete recordings manually at any time prior. Note that deleting a recording moves it to the trash folder, where it will stay until the default expiration date. To permanently erase a recording immediately, be sure to empty the trash. 
  5. Students may request recordings, either because they are now in other time zones or because they have certain accommodations, approved by the Moses Center. Local recording allows for the greatest amount of control should you decide to fulfill these requests. Local recording must be enabled in Settings and allows you to download recorded meetings to your computer in a way that bypasses the cloud completely. Recordings can then be shared as view-only with students through tools like Drive, Box, Dropbox, etc. Permissions are your friend.

In general, we would suggest familiarizing yourself with the setting options available to you in NYU Zoom. The key place to go for all of these customization areas is nyu.zoom.us > Settings > Recording.

Guidelines Compiled by Laurence Coderre