Politics of Sanctuary Course Offered in Spring 2018!

New course on sanctuary offered in Spring 2018 by 25 NYU faculty across departments & schools!

Migration, Refugees & the Politics of Sanctuary 
SCA-UA 280 | Spring 2018 |  Wednesdays 6:20pm to 9pm

With an eye firmly on the contemporary debate about Sanctuary, this course examines the history and activism of movements and communities that offer protections and rights for refugees, migrants, and precarious residents. The topics covered in the seminar include settler colonialism, citizenship, climate change, policing, militarism, ethnic and religious cleansing, gender regulation, labor exploitation, media infrastructure, healthcare provision, and the role of universities as speech centers and safe havens. The course will also offer resources for practicing the politics of sanctuary. Participating lecturers will include as many as twenty-five well-known NYU faculty. There will also be guest appearances from advocates and activists across related social justice movements.

N.B. While this is listed as an undergraduate course, graduate students are also welcome—they should register for Independent Study in their own department with a participating faculty member from the list below.

With: Alina Das – Law School, Andrew Ross – SCA, Monica Kim – History, Molly Nolan –   History, Julie Livingston – SCA/History, Sonya Posmentier – English, Dean Saranillio – SCA, Cristina Beltran – SCA/Politics, Christine Harrington – Politics/ Law School, Tao Goffe – SCA, Diana Taylor – Performance Studies, Sinan Antoon – Gallatin, Mohamad Bazzi – Journalism, Nikhil Singh – SCA/ History, Sara Pursley – Middle Eastern Studies, Babak Tofighi -Medical School, Crystal Parikh -English/SCA, Cecilia Marquez – SCA, Arun Kundnani – MCC, Natasha Iskandar – Wagner, Fred Moten – Performance Studies, Asli Igsiz – Middle Eastern Studies, Paula Chakravartty – MCC/Gallatin, Gianpaolo Baiocchi – Gallatin/Sociology and Vasuki Nesiah – Gallatin.