Students Affected by the Reinstatement of the “Limited” Travel Ban

In response to today’s terrible news of the reinstatement of the “Limited” Travel Ban, students from the NYU Sanctuary Taskforce have asked the administration what students, faculty, staff and researchers affiliated with NYU can do if they have questions about their travel and general status in the US. Josh Taylor has responded by saying that anyone concerned about their individual status should contact OGS here.

Faculty from the Law School have advised us that NYU students/scholars/staff should be unaffected because they either are already visa holders (and thus not subject to the ban at all) or because if they are new applicants, their acceptance/admission/hiring here should be proof of their bona fide connection to a US entity (i.e., NYU). If anyone is concerned about their own status, they should first contact OGS with questions, since OGS can confirm proper documentation with NYU, etc.

If anyone remains concerned about their status after they contact OGS, they can also reach out to the Immigrant Defense Initiative directly.  Finally, in case of emergency (someone stuck at airport or denied a visa last minute), the public safety number on the back of the NYU card will get folks in touch with both OGS and Alina Das (, from IDI, or her colleague Nancy Morawetz ( while she is out of town this month.

Additionally, IDI plans to have a new staff attorney in place by the start of the Fall semester who can monitor travel and respond to continuing developments with the ban, as well as help with other immigration challenges our community is facing.

Please feel free to share this information with students, staff and colleagues in your networks.