Building Sanctuary Momentum this Summer

At our last meeting during the semester, we talked about 3 things we would like to focus on for this coming summer and fall for our NYU Sanctuary group:

  1. Create stronger political coalitions within NYU, across NYC campuses, and with community organizations;
  2. Educate ourselves about political organizing and expanding our practices/ideas about “sanctuary”;
  3. Bring in new members and create sustained political awareness on campus.

Some updates from the Student Taskforce: 

At the meeting with NYU admin on May 18th, our student taskforce discussed the following demands: DACA expansion at NYU, student awareness of the new resources offered to students affected by EOs and policies; banning ICE from NYU campus; alternative attendance offered to affected students; legal resources at NYU; meeting with the incoming Chief Diversity Officer in the fall.

Two very concrete wins have come out of our student taskforce organizing and pushing on NYU Admin:

  • One full-time attorney at the Immigrant Defense Clinic at NYU Law – previously, the clinic had been run exclusively and entirely by volunteers. With the push and demand from our NYU Sanctuary Movement, the NYU admin has committed to and declared that they will provide the funds and support for the hire of a full-time attorney.
  • Housing, Financial Aid, and Resources for both undocumented students and those affected by the travel ban.

Over the summer, you can continue being involved with NYU sanctuary by:

  • Helping with the Sanctuary Syllabus: Over the summer, some members of our working group are working on a syllabus (inspired by Trump Syllabus 2.0 and #StandingRockSyllabus), and also brainstorming events and actions for this upcoming fall. Please email if you have questions, ideas, suggestions! If you’re around NYC at the end of June, we’ll be having an in-person planning meeting on Monday, June 26 at 4 pm at 239 Greene Street, Room 712.
  • Joining the Rapid Response Team to mobilize immediately in response to local and national activities that impact our communities on campus and beyond (i.e. a possible executive order passed over the summer). Email Sumathy at
  • Planning Public Events and Meetings. We’re hoping to organize a series of events at NYU in the fall and collaborate with other campuses and organizations (ex: discussions with local activists; Free University (CUNY); film screenings/art/photography exhibits/music; coordinate events with NYU Sanctuary meetings; and publicize events with centers/programs/departments who have signed onto the NYU Sanctuary letter. We need help identifying possible sources (centers/programs/departments) who will commit funding.