Dear President Hamilton | Letter from NYU Departments, Programs, and Organizations

Originally sent to President Hamilton on Friday, March 31. Over thirty academic departments and programs, and over forty NYU-affiliated organizations have endorsed this initiative to urge President Hamilton to reconsider his position on the significance and necessity of declaring NYU a sanctuary campus. This call for sanctuary crosses the many schools and disciplines that secure NYU’s reputation as a leading “private university in the public service.”

Dear President Hamilton,

In light of the executive orders on immigration passed by the Donald Trump administration, we urge you to declare NYU a Sanctuary Campus immediately. It is of the utmost urgency that NYU as a global network university support the unanimously passed Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty Senate Faculty Council resolution of Dec. 15, 2016 for NYU to become a Sanctuary Campus. This declaration of sanctuary would affirm NYU’s commitment to uphold the key values of the university at all levels and sites of the NYU community by working actively and dedicating resources to the protection of its students, staff, workers, and faculty.

We strongly believe that we must move to declare that our institution values and protects our multiple communities in the United States and beyond; these protections are the critical heart of our collective academic engagement and inquiry. The “Muslim Ban” as well as threats against undocumented individuals jeopardizes the academic freedom and freedom of movement of students, faculty and staff. NYU is a university whose members have family, community, and networks that extend beyond the United States. The immigration status of some of our own faculty, staff, and students is in jeopardy. We know that the university is already working to support potentially affected members of the NYU community. We applaud these efforts AND urge that NYU take a public leadership position as a global research university. Declaring Sanctuary status would make more concrete our commitment to keeping NYU an open university to the world and would send an important symbolic message of support to our students, staff and community members.

Current Signatories*: 
Signatories are still being collected. This list is up-to-date as of Friday, March 31, 2017.

NYU Departments and Schools:
Department of Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities, Steinhardt
Department of Anthropology, CAS
Department of Art and Art Professions, Steinhardt
Department of Art History, CAS
Department of Art & Public Policy, Tisch School of the Arts
Department of Cinema Studies, Tisch School of the Arts
Department of Comparative Literature, CAS
Division of Libraries
Department of East Asian Studies, CAS
Department of Economics, CAS
Department of English, CAS
Department of French, CAS
Department of German, CAS
Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies, CAS
Department of History, CAS
Department of Italian Studies, CAS
Department of Irish and Irish-American Studies, CAS
Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, CAS
Department of Media, Culture, and Communication, Steinhardt
Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, CAS
Department of Music, CAS
Department of Performance Studies, Tisch School of the Arts
Department of Philosophy, CAS
Department of Photography and Imaging, Tisch School of the Arts
Wilf Family Department of Politics, CAS
Department of Psychology, CAS
Department of Religious Studies, CAS
Department of Russian and Slavic Studies, CAS
Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, CAS
Department of Sociology, CAS
Department of Spanish and Portuguese, CAS
Department of Technology, Culture and Society, Tandon
Expository Writing Program, CAS
Gallatin School of Individualized Study
Silver School of Social Work

NYU Organizations and Centers:
1. ACT-UAW Local 7902
2. Asian/Pacific/American Institute
3. Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality
4. Center for Human Rights and Global Justice
5. Center for the Humanities
6. Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
7. Center for Media, Culture, and History
8. Center for Religion and Media
9. Emotional Brain Institute @ NYU
10. Faculty of Color Caucus
11. Food Studies Graduate Society
12. Gallatin Arts Festival
13. Gallatin Human Rights Initiative
14. Global Justice Clinic
15. Glucksman Ireland House, Center for Irish and
Irish-American American Studies
16. GSOC-UAW Local 2110
17. Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies
18. Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics
19. Incarceration to Education Coalition
20. Institute of African American Affairs
21. Institute for Public Knowledge
22. Iranian Studies Initiative
23. Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia
24. Liberal Studies Student Council
25. The Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity
and the Transformation of Schools
26. Medical School Student Council
27. Members of Asian American Coalition
28. Members of Asian Heritage Month
29. Members of Black & Brown Coalition
30. Members of Latinos Unidos con Honor y Amistad
31. Members of SHADES: A Group for LGBTQ Students of
Color at NYU
32. New York Institute for the Humanities
33. NYU-AAUP Chapter Executive Board
34. NYU Africa House
35. NYU Disability Council
36. NYU Divest for Climate Justice
37. NYU Law Immigrants Rights Project—NYU Law
38. Resisting Injustice & Standing for Equality—NYU Law
39. NYU Prison Education Program
40. NYU Students for Justice in Palestine
41. South Asia @ NYU
42. Sackler Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Student Council
43. UCATS Local 3882, NYSUT, AFT, NEA, AFL-CIO
44. Urban Democracy Lab