Letter from NYU BSU, LUCHA, and Muslim Students Association on Charles Murray

Originally posted and submitted by NYU Black Student Union, with Latinos Unidos Con Honor y Amistad (LUCHA) and Muslim Students Association. Read the original text here.


To whom it may concern:

It has come to the attention of the Black Student Union (BSU) and Latinos Unidos Con Honor y Amistad (LUCHA) that a known eugenicist, Charles Murray, has been invited to New York University’s Torch Club this upcoming Friday, March 24th at noon. Murray’s harmful views include the likes of Black and Latino biological inferiority, specifically that intelligence as a genetic factor can be categorized meaningfully through racial and ethnic divisions.

As a university that prides itself on valuing diversity, equity, and inclusion, of which most of this labor falls on the backs of Black and Latino students as is, it is discouraging to see that the university would allow a figure who holds such violent and oppressive viewpoints to speak, even if a student group are the ones organizing the event. On the heels of Gavin McInnes’ disruptive appearance and the emotional trauma several student groups faced, not to mention the risk to students of having our student life building surrounded by NYPD for hours, it is irresponsible for the university to risk the wellbeing and security that students should be awarded while attending a university of this prestige.

The education of a student is never solely contingent on their academic opportunities. Student’s success at this university is intimately tied to the environment in which they are existing. We are calling on the university to ensure a safe academic environment for its students by protecting the emotional well being of this population of students. This is a responsibility we have entrusted to your leadership and are confident you will address with urgency. Allowing Charles Murray to speak at the Torch Club is to endorse at worst and find permissible at best the exclusionary rhetoric that Murray has publicly stood behind. As student leaders, we are trusting this administration to protect its students and maintain the safe academic atmosphere we were promised at admission.

Furthermore, on the subject of academic freedom, we must begin to meaningfully address a dangerous question. Are the discourses that explicitly posit the White race or European culture to be inherently superior something to be protected under academic freedom? Here we must look to the rest of the world as the Global University and recognize the United States is an outlier in this regard. Whereupon the majority of the world has taken to actively dismantle and reject any and all expressions of scientific research and ideological theory that seeks to undermine the intrinsic worth of the non-White and/or non-Western and/or non-Christian peoples, in particular we can look to Germany as an example, the United States remains, perhaps ironically, a sanctuary for tolerating such notions that Africans and the African Diaspora and Latin Americans and the Latino

Diaspora are poor because they are less intelligent and are less intelligent because they belong to the racioethnic categories of Latino or Black. If NYU is to be a marketplace of ideas, we must throw out the spoiled meat and make sure what is being put on display is quality product.

It is disappointing that the university has at the moment chosen to side on the notion of tolerating White Supremacy as academically legitimate and it is vastly disappointing that some of our peers have chosen to cosponsor this event.

Black Student Union & LUCHA at NYU with the NYU Muslim Students Association in solidarity