Joint Statement on Charles Murray | NYU Asian Pacific American Coalition

Originally posted and submitted by NYU Asian Pacific American Coalition. Read the original text here.



We, as members of the Asian/Pacific/American student body at NYU, are writing to express our solidarity with the Black Student Union at NYU, LUCHA at NYU, and the Faculty of Color Caucus to denounce Charles Murray’s invitation to speak at the NYU Torch Club on Friday, March 24.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Murray alleges that social inequality is caused by the genetic inferiority of Black and Latin Americans, women, and the poor. Not only are these views racist and misogynistic, but they also perpetuate the model minority myth, a stereotype created to silence Black and Latino activists and erase A/P/A socioeconomic oppression. His claims that intelligence is defined by racial and ethnic divisions are eugenicist pseudo-science denounced by the vast majority of reputable sociologists and academics.
We, the Asian / Pacific / American student body at NYU, will not allow White supremacists like Charles Murray to divide us from other communities of color, nor do we buy into the falsehood of monolithic Asian American success. We must recognize that the model minority myth is founded on anti-Blackness and homogenizes the experience of Asian / Pacific / Americans. We must be vocal in our opposition to both claims. We must acknowledge and address the distinct struggles faced by underserved A/P/A communities whose histories of immigration and barriers to social and economic mobility are eclipsed by a singular narrative of prosperity and privilege.
Charles Murray’s presence on campus is an affront to NYU’s proclaimed values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We share the concerns of expressed by the Faculty of Color Caucus, in that there is minimal information about the event at which Murray will speak: no sponsors are identified, nor is even basic information such as the title or topic of the lecture provided. The hidden nature of this event is an indication that White supremacy is prevalent within our academic institutions. We will continue to fight against all forms of injustice in the NYU community.