Repeal the Banishment Laws passed in the 1990s

Repeal the Banishment Laws passed in the 1990s: A Short Video from New Sanctuary Coalition on Vimeo.  “Get In Line” is the common refrain heard from anti-immigrant advocates who justify the Trump administration’s draconian immigration policies. But the truth is that for millions of our friends who have been here…

NYU AAUP on Privacy and Recording in NYU Zoom

Many faculty have expressed concerns about the recording functionality of NYU Zoom, especially as integrated with NYU Classes (i.e. our current Sakai LMS). Some faculty are choosing to refuse to record and instead making individual accommodations with students who require assistance. In her March 12 email, the Provost clarified that…

Lecture Videos: Migration, Refugees & the Politics of Sanctuary

With an eye firmly on the contemporary debate about Sanctuary, this course examines the history and activism of movements and communities that offer protections and rights for refugees, migrants, and precarious residents. The topics covered in the seminar include settler colonialism, citizenship, climate change, policing, militarism, ethnic and religious cleansing,…


NYU Sanctuary is a coalition of faculty, students and staff who are committed to the values of ensuring safety and sanctuary to all members of our community both at NYU and in the wider community. 


As a “global network university”, we believe that it is the responsibility of NYU to live up to its purported values at all levels and sites of the NYU community through active non-cooperation with racist and white-nationalists policies of the federal government. The “Muslim Ban” as well as threats against undocumented individuals jeopardizes the academic freedom and freedom of movement of students, faculty and staff. NYU is a university whose members have family, community, and networks that extend beyond the United States. The immigration status of some of our own faculty, staff, and students is in jeopardy. We strongly believe that we must move to declare that our institution values and protects our multiple communities in the United States and beyond; these protections are the critical heart of our collective academic engagement and inquiry. Concretely, establishing NYU as a Sanctuary Campus also assists those specially targeted for exceptional treatment by providing resources, succor, and legal assistance


We see our efforts at NYU and in the wider community as part of efforts to create robust institutions, political forms, and policy that reflect values of tolerance, hospitality, fairness, and social and economic justice.  NYU Sanctuary works with the New Sanctuary Coalition.  We are also working with Sanctuary coalitions and Undocu and Dream Team groups at New School, Columbia, and CUNY to create and sustain a cross-campus Sanctuary coalition to offer resources, strategize actions and offer support across all of our campuses in the city.

Find us on Facebook and Twitter, request access to the NYU Sanctuary Facebook group,  or email to join the NYU Sanctuary email list.