The NYU Sanctuary Coalition was formed by students, faculty, staff, and alumni who believe that NYU as a “private university in the service of the public good,” should lead by example by declaring NYU a Sanctuary University. By becoming a Sanctuary Campus, the University demonstrates solidarity with the most vulnerable among us who are being targeted by the new administration.

As a “global network university”, we believe that it is the responsibility of NYU to live up to its purported values at all levels and sites of the NYU community through active non-cooperation with racist and white-nationalists policies of the federal government. The “Muslim Ban” as well as threats against undocumented individuals jeopardizes the academic freedom and freedom of movement of students, faculty and staff. NYU is a university whose members have family, community, and networks that extend beyond the United States. The immigration status of some of our own faculty, staff, and students is in jeopardy. We strongly believe that we must move to declare that our institution values and protects our multiple communities in the United States and beyond; these protections are the critical heart of our collective academic engagement and inquiry. Concretely, establishing NYU as a Sanctuary Campus also assists those specially targeted for exceptional treatment by providing resources, succor, and legal assistance.

NYU Sanctuary is working together with the New Sanctuary Coalition. We see our efforts at NYU and in the wider community as part of efforts to create robust institutions, political forms, and policy that reflect values of tolerance, hospitality, fairness, and social and economic justice.

Please read our letter to NYU President Hamilton here. Currently, over 30 departments and 40 centers and campus-based organizations, including unions, student groups, and research centers, have called on the NYU administration to declare itself a sanctuary campus. More are joining the call every week.

In December of 2016, the Faculty Senate passed a unanimous resolution in support of demanding the administration to declare NYU a sanctuary campus. On March 30th, 2017, the NYU Student Senate passed a resolution calling for Sanctuary at NYU.